Class 2 : Thermocouple Accuracy Category
Thermocouple Accuracy Redefined

The most In-Accurate thermocouple

Primarlily thermocouple are put in to three categories as per the accuracy offered by the sensor. The class 2 category of thermocouple is the most generic of all the thermocouple you will find in the market. This thermocouple is made from a bundle of wire that is pre manufacuted in the factory and simply joined on one end without any special care or consiferation. The output of this kind of thermocouple is reasonable accurate for the pice you pay.They cost less than one tenth the cost of a class 1 thermocouple. The output reading had a difference of 2 degree c for 1000, or 2.2% through out the scale. This thermocouple are easy to make and take the least efforts. Material selection is not very critical for this prodict. The user os such thermocouple are fine with a difference in temperatue of few degree. This thermocouple are use in process where precise temperature control is not very crucial.

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