Resistance Temperature Detectors
Working Principle, Common Value, Typical Use, Compatible Devices

Resistance Temperature Detectors

RTD's work on the concept of NTC's. Generaly when the temperature of a material dropps the resistance dropps to. when you drop the temperature of some material to near absolute zero they attain superconductivity.Even if we do not study the physics behing the material we still figure out that there is a change in resistance for every material. In some material the resistance increases with increase in temperature they are called PTC or positive temperature coeffiecient. In other material's the temperature decreases with increase in temperaute and are called NTC.

Typical Construction of RTD. Most Commerical RTD's are designed out of Platinium.The stability and predictibility of the material over wide temperature range is very important.

what makes NTC/PTC differet from RTD's?
RTD's work at very high temperatures when comparted to NTC or PTC. A general NTC works at about 110 degree c, where as a General RTD works at about 650 degree c. The other major difference is the COST, NTC's are 10-15 times cheaper than RTD's. There is one more difference. RTD's are usually ultra precise comparted to NTC in Measurement and Repeatebility.

Typical Application
RTD's are used in precision temperature controll application. If your have a choice, RTD's are superior over thermocouple for a given temperature range. Thermocouple tend to move to the positive side. so the readings over a period of time will show difference for the same temperature. RTD's dont have such a issue. High repeatebiliy and excellent resolution makes this module ideal for high tollerece temperature controll...

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