Dr.Med. Thomas Johann Seebeck
Inventor of The Seebeck Effect, Father of ThermoElectric Series

The Seebeck Story

1770 German physicist Dr.Med. Thomas Johann Seebeck was born on Apr. 9, 1770.
1775 Mother Gerdrutha Lohmann Died 1786 Alderman of Great Guild, Father Johann Christoph Seebeck died 1788 Seebeck graduated from the Reval Imperial Grammar School 1792 Seebeck passed medicine and practical surgery with good grades 1795 Married Juliane Amalie Ulrike Boye in Bayreuth and their first daughter was born. 1796 Brother Christoph died 1799 Seebeck’s daughter Born -Adeline Seebeck 1801 Another daughter Born, Sidonie Seebeck-Passow 1802 March, Seebeck took a medical doctorate from the University of Göttingen (MD) 1805 January 8, Son Karl Julius Moritz Seebeck, born in Jena 1805 December 27 Son Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm August Seebeck was also born in Jena 1806 Uncovered the effects of heating and chemicals on different colors of the solar spectrum 1808 He obtained the first chemical combination of ammonia with mercuric oxide 1810 Record the solar spectrum in natural colours in silver chloride AgCl 1812 Studying optical polarization in stressed glass, Pre Discovered by scientists Brewster and Biot 1813 Discovered the piezooptic effect or Photoelasticity 1814 Chosen member of the Berlin Academy 1816 Awarded Berlin academy’s annual prize for his investigation of polarization in the stressed glass. 1818 Joined again as faculty in University of Berlin. 1818 Seebeck was appointed as the corresponding member for the "Prussian Academy of Sciences". 1819 Finally reception of inheritance(Fathers Assets) 1819 Berlin Academy appointed Seebeck as an Academician. 1820 Started working on the relation between electricity and heat 1820 December 14, - Seebeck reported ThermoMagnetism for the first time 1821 August 16, at a session of the Berlin Academy, he made his first report on “thermomagnetism.” 1822 Published ThermoElectric Table 1823 The resistance to current passage naturally increased with the length of the wire used. Thus the conducting current is reduced rather than proportional to the number of windings. 1823 Dr Seebeck's working abilty declined because of health issues. 1825 Became a member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences and the French Academy of Sciences 1827 December sold in his legacy at Town Hall square to a Russian merchant Moisei Proklow 1831 Dec 10, Died

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